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Terms and conditions:

One-time purchase: you pay a once-time payment and you have full access to the PD3 materials access until the following, up and coming PD3 exam period.

Monthly subscription: If you chose to the monthly subscription, you pay a monthly fee that gives you access to the selected learning materials. Unsubscribe at any time you wish. Your access to the ressources is valid ongoing for 30 days. Billing cycle dates are determined based on the date you enroll. This is a recurring, monthly subscription which continues until you cancel it.

IMPORTANT: Learning with Ervin does not provide any reimbursements if you forget to cancel your monthly subscription. It is you responsibility to read the terms and conditions and choose the purchase and offer you wish to have (Subscription or One-time purchase).

30 days / 1 month one time purchase: If you choose to buy 30 days / 1 month you get full and unlimited access to the available ressources for 30 days / 1 month. It is a one-time purchase and your access automatically runs out after 30 days / 1 month.

  • Learning with Ervin (LWE) reserves the right to close down the acces to these ressources or the whole website at any given moment in time.
  • LWE does not provide any reimbursements.
  • LWE does not have a 30 day reimbursement/money-back option
  • The access to these materials is only possible online via this website or via the official Teachable app for iOS (iPhone)
  • You cannot download the videos. The vides are accessible via streaming only.
  • Copying and redistribution of these videos is not allowed.
  • Your monthly access to these materials is rent-based.
  • You cannot buy, keep or own them.
  • LWE keeps all rights reserved for the content.
  • Previous exam papers are copyright protected so you will not get access to any exam papers on this website.
  • The materials are aimed at self-studying students that are not enrolled in any official language school.
  • The focus of these materials is not to learn Danish but to pass the PD3 exam for administrative purposes.
  • LWE reserves every right to remove your access to this website at any given point in time.
  • These terms and conditions, as well as the pricing offers and monthly fees, can be subject to changes at any given point in time.
  • By subscribing to this website and its content you accept the above terms and conditions.

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Update: February, 2023.

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