Dear Danish learner

Welcome to the LWE homepage for Danish learners who wish to pass their Danish languages exams, such as PD3, PD2, modules 1-3 and Medical exams.

We offer different types of Danish online lessons for all types of students at all levels, both exam oriented and also conversational Danish lessons.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, PD2, PD3 student, or (future) care-giver, nurse or "Non-EU" trained doctor, we are here to help you through your exams and improving your Danish.

Contact us via Ervin's WhatsApp number or our email, to find a day and time for a first and free talk to see how we can help you? We will talk about your goals and make a study plan for you.

Vi ses !

The LWE team



Do you have an overview of everything LWE offers in terms of materials and lessons?

Yes, right here

When does the next PD3 online group lessons start?

Jan 16, 2024.

When do they finish?

June 18, 2024

What day and time?

Every Tuesday, 11am-12.30pm

What will you be focusing on during the group lessons?

We will focus on PD3 reading, PD3 writing and PD3 speaking. We will give you a lot of important advice and take you through the 7 main areas of focus for PD3:

  1. Sundhed (Health)
  2. Ligestilling (Equality)
  3. Uddannelse (Education)
  4. Arbejde (Work)
  5. Samfund (Society)
  6. Miljø og klima (Environment & Climate)
  7. Medier (Media)

What materials will you be using?

We will use the LWE "PD3 full" online course materials

Where can I access those materials?

You can access them here

How much do the materials cost?

The price is currently:

  • DKK 5499 for full streaming access until June, 25th 2024
  • DKK 7999 incl. group coaching.
  • DKK 14999 for the "All in one" offer, including private lessons, assignment corrections, group lessons and materials
  • We offer discounts if you are unemployed.
  • Doctors can apply to pay 1/3 of the study fees now and the remaining 2/3 when they start working as doctors.

Do I have to buy the materials to take part in the online group lessons


Is the group coaching enough to pass PD3?

If you have finished module 4, I would say yes.

But most students book 3-5 private lessons with Ervin or Christian to make sure they are fully ready for the exam.

Students who have now finished module 4 usually need 10-20 private lessons.

If you need high grades, you most likely will need so additional lessons.

How many hours pr week should I spend preparing for PD3?

It depends but we generally recommend 3-10 hours pr. week.

Will there be homework and preparation for each group lesson?


Will you correct my assignments during the group classes?

No. But we do work om extracts of student's writing assignments.

Can I book homework and essay 2A and 2B corrections?

Absolutely. We have a very efficient team specialised in correcting PD3 assignments,

One PD3 essay correction incl. grammar points, reformulation suggestions, feedback and grade estimate is DKK 249, and 10 essay corrections is DKK 1999.

Do you have any free Learn Danish videos ?

Yes, go to my Youtube channel! here.

Do you have a dedicated PD3 WhatsApp group for your students?

Yes 🤗

Do you have a podcast?

Yes, right here

Will I pass PD3 if I study with Learning with Ervin?

We currently have an approximate success rate of 90%.

Can I get my money back if I don't pass PD3?


Where can I read previous student reviews of your services?

Right here, on our Trust Pilot page.

We currently have 60+ 5 star reviews.