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Dear Danish learner

Welcome to my homepage for students who wish to learn Danish and pass PD3, PD2, modules 1-3 and Medical exams 🤗

We offer different types of Danish online lessons for all types of students and all types of levels.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate og PD2 or PD3 student or trained doctor or nurse, we are here to help you.

Contact me, Ervin, on my WhatsApp to agree on a day and time for a first and free talk on Zoom. (20-30 minutes). We will discuss your goals and set a plan to achieve your goals.

My WhatsApp number: +45 42441491.

My email: [email protected]

Speak soon.



Do you have an overview of everything you offer relating to PD3 and how much the different parts cost?

Yes, right here:

When do the PD3 online group lessons start?

August 15, 2023.

When do they finish?

December 25, 2023

What time?

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 11am-11.45am

How much do they cost?

600 kr for 1 month access (4 weeks)

2000 kr for 4 months (15 aug - 15 dec 2023)

Can I skip some of them and use them later?


Can I skip some of them and watch the recordings later?

Yes, if you have access to PD3 full

Can I just buy the recordings?


How much do they cost?

600 kr for 1 month access (4 weeks, twice pr week, so 8 recordings)

2000 kr for the full semester recordings (4 months, twice pr week, so ta total of 32 recordings)

What will you be focusing on during the group lessons?

We will focus on PD3 reading, PD3 writing and PD3 speaking. I will give you advice and take you through the 7 main areas of focus:

  1. Sundhed (Health)
  2. Ligestilling (Equality)
  3. Uddannelse (Education)
  4. Arbejde (Work)
  5. Samfund (Society)
  6. Miljø og klima (Environment & Climate)
  7. Medier (Media)

What materials will you be using?

We will use the "PD3 full" online course materials

Where can I access those materials?

You have to buy them and you can access them here:

How much do the materials cost?

The price is currently:

  • 4999 kr for full streaming access until Dec. 25, 2023
  • 1499 kr pr month full 30 day streaming access
  • 14999 kr for the full all in one offer, including private lessons, assignment corrections, group lessons and materials

Do I HAVE to buy the materials to take part in the online group lessons

No, but it is highly recommended as this will be our focus

How much does it all cost?

Check all the PD3 fees and options under the PD3 page:

Check the lesson fees and assignment correction fees here;

Is 2 x 45 min group lessons enough to pass PD3?


Should I take some private lessons as well?


Where can I find the prices for the lessons?

Under prices at the top of the main page, right here:

How many hours pr week should I spend preparing for PD3?

In my opinion: 3-5 hours

Will there be homework and preparation for each group lesson?


Will you correct my assignments during the group classes?


How can I get my homework corrected?

Book assignment corrections with Ervin's correction team.

See prices under 'Priser ( Fees )

Contact Ervin on WhatsApp to book: +45 42 44 14 91

How can I improve my speaking and pronunciation skills?

Book private lessons with either Ervin or his assistant teachers

Do you have free videos about pronunciation?

Yes, go to my Youtube channel, right here:

How can I know what to prepare for each week?

Use the LWE PD3 Study calendar

Where is that?

Contact Ervin to get private access to it

How and where should I write my homework and essays?

In your private LWE PD3 work dokument

Where is that?

Contact Ervin to get access to it

Do you have a dedicated PD3 WhatsApp group for your students?


How can I get access to it?

Simply contact Ervin (you need to have bought either group lessons and/or the PD3 full materials)

Do you have a podcast with a focus on PD3 and modules 1-4?

Yes, right here

The price is currently 200 kr pr month

Are these PD3 podcasts also available under the PD3 full materials?

Yes, but without the background music

Can I start learning and preparing PD3 before the group lessons start on Aug 15 2023?

Yes, absolutely. Contact Ervin

Will I pass PD3 if I study with Learning with Ervin?

We currently have 90% success rate with our students

Can I get my money back if I don't pass PD3?


Where can I read previous student reviews of your services?

Right here, on our Trust Pilot page.

We currently have 46 reviews. They are all 5 star reviews.